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New single, new album and tour

Eva Dahlgren (2)What a day! If you are fan of music and, of course, of Eva, you may know how exciting it is when news start dropping about new singles, albums or even tour. Sometimes it happens within a few days, sometimes all at once. Like today.

This morning Eva posted on Twitter a #nowplaying post – informing that she was playing a new song, SĂ€g mitt namn, with a link to Spotify.

It soon became clear that Eva would be performing that song later today at the Grammis gala. You can see the performance here (around minute 27!) if you missed it or want to see it again. Eva also presents and gives the prize to Artist of the Year at the gala (around minute 102).

And just a couple of minutes ago Sony Music Sweden sent out a press release with the information that the new-long-awaited album “Jag sjunger ljuset” will be released on April 22nd, 2016. And if that wasn’t enough, Eva will give a few of concerts in “the North” too. One of them is on April 29th at Nobelberget in Stockholm. More concert dates will be announced soon!

New single “Filmen om oss” released today

filmenomoss Eva Dahlgren has released the new single “Filmen om oss” today. The single can be found on the usual digital platforms (Spotify or Deezer for example).

The single will be followed by a new album in autumn. Eva has been busy with other projects since she released her last album Petroleum och tĂ„ng in 2007. Among others, she has been in the second season of SĂ„ mycket bĂ€ttre (here you can listen to the resulting EP of versions), performed the monologue “Ingen Ă€r som jag” in 2010-2011, released a compilation in 2012, went on tour in autumn 2012 and summer 2013 and lately she has been working in a feature documentary film about Ingrid Bergman.

Eva started to film in Super8 some time ago and got involved in the shooting of “Jag Ă€r Ingrid” as the film director, Stig Björkman, asked her to do some recordings in Super8. Eva wrote “Filmen om oss” during the project and the song became the theme song of the film and is now the first single out of the upcoming album (title still unknown).

Eva has worked with Nathan Larson (married to Nina Persson, known for composing numerous film scores) in New York and Christoffer Berg (who did the programming in “Delta Machine” by Depeche Mode, among others) in Sweden (Stockholm, Göteborg, Malmö). This is what Eva says about the new album (in Swedish below).

Working as a cinematographer in the documentary about fantastic Ingrid Bergman influenced me more than what I thought. Half-way in the film project I scraped almost all music I had written and started all over again. I wanted to sing about the light! I wanted to capture the big wild beautiful fragile live that flickers by like small film frames. Capture that and sing that.

The first song I wrote became Ingrid’s song. Filmen om oss. Recorded in a studio in Brooklyn about a year ago together with some of Nathan Larson’s friends.

I had been longing to work with Nathan for a long time and now all his experience in composing movie scores is going to come at hand with the atmosphere I want to build around my songs. For the rest of the album I wroked with Christoffer Berg, modular synth master!

But more about this next time. Now I am on my way to Malmö to finish my album.


The documentary film “Jag Ă€r Ingrid” will premiere in Sweden on August 28. It was presented in Cannes flim festival in spring and various film festivals across the globe since then.

Arbetet som fotograf pÄ dokumentÀren om den fantastiska Ingrid Bergman pÄverkade mig mer Àn jag var medveten om. HalvvÀgs in i filmarbetet slÀngde jag nÀstan all musik jag skrivit och började om.
Jag ville sjunga ljuset! Jag ville fÄnga det dÀr stora vilda vackra sköra livet som flimrar förbi som smalfilmsrutor. FÄnga det och sjunga det.

Första lÄten jag skrev blev Ingrids lÄt. Filmen om oss. Inspelad i en studio i Brooklyn för snart ett Är sen tillsammans med nÄgra av Nathan Larsons vÀnner.

Nathan har jag velat jobba med lÀnge och just nu kommer Nathans alla Är som filmkompositör till anvÀndning med de stÀmningar jag vill bygga runt mina lÄtar. PÄ resten av albumet har vi samarbetat med Cristoffer Berg, modulÀrsyntarnas mÀstare!

Men mer om det nÀsta gÄng. Nu far jag till Malmö för att göra klart mitt album.

Eva Dahlgren planned concerts summer 2013

Eva Dahlgren will give some concerts and will be performing at some festivals this summer. Here are the dates so far:

27 June – BrĂ„valla Festival, Norrköping

28 June – Furuvik, GĂ€vle

5 July – Latitud57, Oskarshamn

6 July – Sundsvalls Gatufesten, Sundsvall

2 August – Eskilstunafestivalen, Eskilstuna

3 August – Karlskrona SkĂ€rgĂ„rdfest, Karlskrona

11 August – Freluga TrĂ€dgĂ„rdscen, BollnĂ€s

16 August – Bullar & BĂ„ng, Falkenberg [Sold out]

17 August – Kulturkalaset, Göteborg

19 August – Hartwall Arena, Helsinki (Finland)

20 August – Åbo Slottsfestival, Åbo (Finland)

22 August – Malmöfestivalen, Malmö

30 August Grönalund, Stockholm


Eva Dahlgren covers Radiohead and Kjell Höglund

Eva Dahlgren performed Radiohead’s “High and dry” and Kjell Höglund’s “Genesarets sjö” on PĂ„ spĂ„ret (SVT) yesterday together with Augustifamiljen.

The performance was recorded in November as Eva wrote on Twitter.

High and Dry

Genesarets sjö

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More demos available on Spotify!

As previously mentioned, EMI Finland informed in a press release that there would be a 3CD version of Eva Dahlgren’s compilation “Tid – Urval av sĂ„nger 1980 till nu” which would include 1 CD with 17 demos. While there is still no date for the release of this special edition, the 17 demos – consisting of the 10 Eva already released in Summer plus 7 new – can already be listened to on Spotify.

Enjoy! (Scroll to track number 33 to start with the demos)

Sticky: Eva Dahlgren’s tour has started in Finland! Collection of pictures and articles.

Eva Dahlgren kicked off the tour “Eva Dahlgren live 23 sĂ„nger” yesterday, October 4th, in Turku, Finland. The tour will take Eva and her band across Finland, Sweden and Norway in October and November. If you haven’t got tickets yet, it’s time to check this post out!

I will try to collect links to pictures and articles in this post.


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Concert reviews

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Pictures of the rehearsals in Stockholm and soundcheck and premiere in Turku.

Maria Manelius pictures from Turku.

Pictures from Helsinki by Tiia Santavirta

Pictures from Örebro –

new – Pictures from Göteborg –

Eva Dahlgren releases new compilation

A new compilation with the title “Tid – Urval av sĂ„nger 1980 till nu” will be released in Northern Europe countries on September 26th (SWE) /  28th (FIN). The compilation will include 2 CDs with the following tracks:


01 Du
02 Bara ibland
03 SĂ„r
04 Egoism
05 HĂ€xorna
06 Jag vill ha dej
07 Blackheart
08 Vill du
09 GuldgrÀvarsÄng
10 En plats pÄ jorden
11 Skönheten och Befriaren
12 Ängeln i rummet
13 Stay
14 Ung och stolt
15 Jag klÀr av mej naken
16 Mitt liv


01 Jag Àr Gud
02 Kom och hÄll om mej
03 Gunga mig
04 Lev sÄ
05 Vem tÀnder stjÀrnorna
06 Drömmarna och muren
07 Ja
08 Sand
09 För att du Àr hÀr
10 NÀr en vild röd ros slÄr ut doftar hela skogen
11 Jorden Àr ett litet rum
12 Det som bÀr mig nu
13 De modigas sÄng
14 SÄ hÀrlig Àr jorden
15 Snö
16 Ingen Àr som jag

EMI Finland informs on this press release that there will also be a special edition of this compilation with 3CDs. The 3rd CD should feature 17 demos (probably the 10 previously released this summer plus 7 new). There is yet no play list or release date for this special edition.