Website partly back online

After receiving some enquiries and requests to put the website back online, and a lot of thinking, I decided to do so, but only partly, meaning only the news are back online. After all, this is the section I most appreciated of all, and which most people requested to have back online (“this was the only only place where I could find out about Eva’s next moves and which is really up-to-date” – somebody wrote – well, thanks :-))

Unfortunately, it takes a while until I can make the old news / news archive available, but from now on any news that get to my hands will be reported here. As you might have seen, I use WordPress for this purpose, as it’s easy to handle and to write news with.

You can, of course, register as a user and write news on your own. These are then sent to me for reviewing and can be published with a click on a button. Easy. Fast. You can also write comments to the news.

Thanks for your support!

1 thought on “Website partly back online

  1. Thank you for putting up the site again!! i really have missed being able to read whats new about Evas music.
    REgars from Jill

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