“Ingen är som jag” monologue – reviews

Here are some reviews, more to be added as soon as they show up in the internet 🙂 Feel free to post your own here as well!

Speedos Popblogg | I det lilla blog

Review SVD with photos!!





Dagens Nyheter

There is also a review on Expressen, but I will pass on promoting the link. I must admit I have a problem with A. N., and this is the trashing personal way he has of writing reviews, which I don’t support. To me, he doesn’t sit down and think about the meaning behind a creation and the person who is behind it, he seems to have his pattern where everybody should fit in, and to me he is too superficial. I call it the Swedish written edition of any American trash talk-show. Well, don’t want to bother you about my thoughts about this self-called “reviewer” 😉

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