Efva Attling goes USA!

According to magazine QX and Dagensmedia.se, Efva Attling is about to launch a huge commercial campaign in the USA on December 6.

On this date, a gay couple will marry in the SAS “Love is in the air”,when SAS will host the first world’s first same-sex wedding in the air. The wedding, for which Efva designed the rings,  will take place on a flight from Stockholm to New York.

Together with this event, Efva is going to launch a campaign for one of her most well-known pieces, “Homo Sapiens”, which you might know since 99. The campaign consists of full-page ads on varous magazines such as gay magazine OUT, TV appearances on gay media channels, videos and the website homosapiens.nu, which will be launched as well on December 6h.

The campaign has been done together with Dorian Communication.

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