Efva Attling receives a medal from the King of Sweden for her entrepreneurship.

Efva Attling has been awarded with the Näringslivsmedaljen (Industry/business medal) by the Royal Patriotic Society (Kungliga Patriotika Sällskapet). Efva received the medal today from the Prince Carl Philip in a ceremony which took place in Riddarhuset, Stockholm (Sweden).

Efva has been awarded for her entrepreneurship and for founding her jewelry company Efva Attling Stockholm AB 12 years ago.

The other awarded with the same medal this year are: Lars Ander (Nya Wermlands-Tidningen AB), Lars Göran Blank (Jula AB, Skara), Anastasia Georgiadou (AB Svensk Personlig Assistans), Karl Hedin (Karl Hedin AB, Västanfors), Torsten Jansson (New Wave Group AB, Dingle), Laurent Leksell (Elekta AB, Stockholm), Jan-Erik Nilsson (Rederi AB Gotland, Visby), Marianne Ränk (Einar Mattsson AB, Stockholm), Jens och Ulf Spendrup (Spendrups Bryggeri AB, Vårby)

You can read an interview in following newspapers: E24.se, DagensPS.se, SvD

Press release



Interview with Efva Attling on Afterellen.com

Efva Attling was interviewed by Afterellen.com regarding her new launch of Homo Sapiens in the USA. Swedish newspapers have picked up on this interview, so you can also read a summary in Swedish here.

Efva talks about the design of wedding jewels for SAS “Love is in the air” contest, her career and her relationship with Eva Dahlgren.

The SAS love flight takes off today, with Efva Attling rings

As already mentioned some days ago, the first same-sex wedding in the air is going to take place today on board of a SAS flight from Stockholm to New York.

The couple, Aleks and Shantu, were chosen on the online contest SAS organised via the “Love is in the air” website.  The couple got more than 80.000 votes. It was initially planned to choose one couple, but in the end, SAS, seeing the huge number of votes and participation, decided to choose a further couple: Ewa and Gosia, who will also get married on the air today.

Efva Attling designed the wedding rings for the three couples, which you can see here.

 You can follow the whole event on SAS Twitter and on SAS “Love is in the air” blog.

Efva Attling goes USA!

According to magazine QX and Dagensmedia.se, Efva Attling is about to launch a huge commercial campaign in the USA on December 6.

On this date, a gay couple will marry in the SAS “Love is in the air”,when SAS will host the first world’s first same-sex wedding in the air. The wedding, for which Efva designed the rings,  will take place on a flight from Stockholm to New York.

Together with this event, Efva is going to launch a campaign for one of her most well-known pieces, “Homo Sapiens”, which you might know since 99. The campaign consists of full-page ads on varous magazines such as gay magazine OUT, TV appearances on gay media channels, videos and the website homosapiens.nu, which will be launched as well on December 6h.

The campaign has been done together with Dorian Communication.

Efva Attling on the media

Different newspapers and websites have reported about Efva Attling lately, here are some links:

Market – interview (online only a short part of it, to read the full interview you’ll have to buy the magazine).

Damernas Värld

Blog about “Beauty with a thought” film premiere. Another blog.

Finest.se pictures from “Beauty with a thought”, also on Newzglobe

Efva nominated to the Ecco Walk IN Style Award 2010

According to Efva Attling Stockholm Facebook page, Efva is nominated to the Ecco Walk In Style Award 2010. The event takes place on February 9th in Copenhagen, and Efva is expected to attend.

Other nominees are Malene Birger (DK), Dana Schweiger (DE), Ilona Felicja?ska (PL), Kari Traa (NO). According to ECCO’s website, “the award is given to a woman whose courage and love of life makes her a role model for other women, and who contributes to making a difference in the world. The winner will be able to donate the prize of EUR 33,500 to a charity project that directly or indirectly impacts the daily life of women or children.”

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