Efva Attling jewels in Spain

Efva’s jewels can now also be found in Spain (my homeland! yay!). Björklund Trading runs the sales agency for Efva Attling’s jewels in Spain, which can now be found in Valencia, Palma de Mallorca and Malaga.
Björklund Trading runs a blog where you can read about news and events. They report that last Thursday there was an event in Valencia where Efva’s jewels were presented with tapas and champagne.
The launching event took place on May 11th with Valencia football players among the guests. Here you can see some pictures.
Too bad I live in Austria now, would have loved to see Efva’s jewels on national Spanish TV!
Mucha suerte! 🙂
Spanish newspaper reports about the event

Efva Attling opens new website and webstore

check yourself out on EfvaAttling.com!
Currently only Swedish customers can use the webstore and buy her jewels online with a credit card, international customers still have to do all the shopping per email, but this will change soon.

Efva is also expanding to Spain and launched new designs last Wednesday with a small party in the store in Hornsgatan.

Here are Efva’s words:

This is it, a shop in heaven. Who would have thought.

Welcome to our new website and online store. I am proud to present my entire collection on the web. Now you can choose when you want to shop. For years people have been asking me why I haven’t opened a shop on-line. I have a motto though…”The time will come”. Now the time has come.

Last year my company celebrated its 10th year anniversary. I also celebrated the fact that Barack Obama was sworn in as the new US president. We are turning pages and I hope that we are gradually becoming strong enough to build a better world together. And Mr. President, we have something in common. We believe in hope and change.

I used to be a singer and songwriter. I connected with other people by expressing my inner thoughts in lyrics, and music . Music has a very important therapeutic function in people?s lives. When I started designing jewellery, I wanted to continue to write and express myself. I wanted to give the gift of words and expressions, hoping that they would be meaningful to someone else. Like “Carpe Diem”, to seize the day, since you never know what tomorrow brings. And “Amor Fati…” we’ve been given this life and now it’s up to us to make the most of it.

I call my jewellery ”beauty with a thought”. People often share their life stories with me and I’ve been told over and over again how much a piece of jewellery has affected someone’s life. A little about my latest collections…

I’ve always been fascinated by how the moon influences us. When I designed Moonwalk I chose a moon with a softer surface than the one with the deep craters we’ve all seen in pictures.

I was playing with a satin ribbon when I came up with this new design. The collection comes with earrings, a ring and a pendant. I’ve also created matching eyewear.

Taking my inspiration from the beautiful magnolia flower, I made this as a small and as a large pendant with matching earrings. This collection will be released in May 2009.

Yes, I do! Of course I love working with people in love. A wedding is a very important and joyous time in a person’s life and I am proud to play a tiny part in it. My new wedding collection has it all: the engagement ring, the wedding ring, a pair of earrings and a necklace with the name Sweethearts. Romantic and cute, but never silly.

I hope you enjoy my first shop in heaven!

Peace, love and understanding,
Efva Attling

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