More demos available on Spotify!

As previously mentioned, EMI Finland informed in a press release that there would be a 3CD version of Eva Dahlgren’s compilation “Tid – Urval av sånger 1980 till nu” which would include 1 CD with 17 demos. While there is still no date for the release of this special edition, the 17 demos – consisting of the 10 Eva already released in Summer plus 7 new – can already be listened to on Spotify.

Enjoy! (Scroll to track number 33 to start with the demos)

Eva Dahlgren website has been redesigned got a new style and some new sections.

On the website you will now find links to Eva’s videos (to Efva Attling jewels and glasses), pictures done by Eva (many of Efva Attling) as well as discography, information about her books and tour (when there is any, that is).

And a funny side note: the covers of some of the albums used on the discography are still the ones I scanned myself many years ago and are actually scans of MY LPs/CDs 😉