Interview with Eva Dahlgren about new album

Jan Gradvall interviewed Eva Dahlgren while she is in New York. Eva is currently mixing the songs for “Så mycket bättre” which will be on TV4 in Autumn and explains that afterwards she will “hopefully have a nice writing period” and talks about doing something with music again.
Eva also talks about the equipment she uses in her home studio and that she currently listens to Adele and Rihanna (!).

Various articles about Eva Dahlgren

Here is a list of articles about Eva Dahlgren which have been published in the last weeks.

I personally found this very interesting both on Österundstidningar:

“Jag dansar helst till min frus kropp”

“Ängeln i rummet har alltid varit en annan del av mig, alltså den goda sidan av mig”

Expressen: “Jag har ett behov att vara omtyckt”

NSD: Review of monologue “Ingen är som jag” in Luleå.

Norrbottenskuriren: Review of monologue

Östersundstidningar: Review of monologue announcing the monologue

Arbetarbladet review of monologue in Gävle.

Eva Dahlgren in Göteborg – review and radio interview

Eva is now doing her two last monologues for this year in Göteborg and she’s been on the local media:

GP reviewed the show from yesterday.

Eva was interviewed on SR’s Morgonprogrammet this morning.

Expressen (suddenly reviews Eva better? of course, it’s another guy in charge of the writing ;))

Thanks Minna for the tips 😉

“Petroleum och tång” reviews

In the next hours you’ll find my personal review of “Petroleum och tÃ¥ng” here.
All I can say for now is that I am quite sure this is going to be one of my favourite Eva albums. My all-time favourite are “Lai Lai” and “Fria världen”. In any case, much better, alive, inspired, full of feelings than “Snö”.
For now you can find below a collection of external reviews:

4 out of 5
Nerikes Allehanda
Värmlands Folkblad

3 out of 5
Dalarnas Tidningar

2 out of 5

Thanks Maria!
Published on November 12, updated on November 21.

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