Eva Dahlgren – song from “Autumn in New York” short film on efvaattling.com

If you missed the video “Autumn in New York” which was on efvaattling.com till some days ago, and which featured a song by Eva, don’t worry. Somebody has uploaded it to YouTube for all to enjoy. And don’t forget the listen to the latest video “Nina and Nathan” on efvaattling.com, Eva’s music is on it as well.

More about Eva and Efva’s wedding

Here are some more articles about their wedding on Sunday







and in Norway


Eva Dahlgren (new?) song on Efva Attling’s homepage

If you visit efvaattling.com and click on “Autumn in New York”, you will not only enjoy a video shoot in New York with Efva Attling jewels, but you’ll be able to enjoy a brand new?  song by Eva Dahlgren, in English.

I am not sure if the song is new or not, will try to find out. Some parts of it remind me of  “Ängeln i rummet”, at least the meaning behind it, but it isn’t the English version of this song either. And the music is new to my ears too. Maybe you know more about it, just post it in the comments!

[Update]: Eva has confirmed this is a new song she did for Efva’s website.

Efva Attling presents her jewels in Barcelona

Efva Attling presented her jewels in Barcelona last October 14th. The event took place in the store Snö, which will sell her jewels from now on. Can’t believe one can now buy Attling jewels in my homeland Catalonia!

Here are some pictures of the event. The first two pictures are taken from Efva’s agent website, the last one from Maria Agrell blog.

Cohen – The Scandinavian Report – exhibition about the recordings

Last august A&R Lars “Billy” Hansson and producer Lars Halapi gathered some of  Sweden’s, of course including Eva Dahlgren, and Norway’s biggest artists together to interpret Leonard Cohen’s work. The artists sang the songs live together with an orchestra at Radiohuset in Stockholm. The result can be hart in “Cohen – The Scandinavian Report” which is out on September 30th.

This recording was photographed by Anna-Lena Ahlström and filmed by Emanuel Danneman, who will show their work in an exhibition at Lydmar Hotell in Stockholm. The exhibition opens on September 29th and is available for one week.

You can also find a longer version of the album’s promo video on YouTube. Of course, with Eva!

Sony Music

Eva Dahlgren covers Leonard Cohen in a tribute album

According to Newsdesk, in order to tribute Leonard Cohens 75th birthday and work, some of the most famous Scandinavian artists such as Olle Ljungström, Jan Malmsjö, Sara Isaksson or, of course, Eva Dahlgren, have covered Cohen’s songs in tribute album “Cohen – The Scandinavian Report”.

The album will be out on September 30th and has been produced by Eva’s producer Lars Halapi.

These are all participating artists:

Eva Dahlgren
Olle Ljungström
Ane Brun
Jan Malmsjö
Sara Isaksson
Sophie Zelmani
Åge Aleksandersen
Jenny Wilson
Rebecka Törnqvist
Bo Sundström
Mikael Wiehe
Cookies n Beans
Christel Alsos
Anders Widmark
Moto Boy
Vidar & Peter

In addition, you can find pictures of the recordings on Flickr , taken at Sveriges Radio Studio 4.

Update August 25: Eva’s management D&D confirmed that the song performed by Eva is “Bird On The Wire”.

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