Eva covers Barbro Hörberg

Eva sings “Med ögon känsliga för grönt” in the tribute album to Barbro Hörberg “Sexton artister minns en legendarisk singer / songwriter”. The album was released on October 17th and features Rikard Wolff, Lasse Lindbom and Svante Thuresson among others.
You can listen to a 30-second snippet of the cover on Hörberg’s website

Website partly back online

After receiving some enquiries and requests to put the website back online, and a lot of thinking, I decided to do so, but only partly, meaning only the news are back online. After all, this is the section I most appreciated of all, and which most people requested to have back online (“this was the only only place where I could find out about Eva’s next moves and which is really up-to-date” – somebody wrote – well, thanks :-))

Unfortunately, it takes a while until I can make the old news / news archive available, but from now on any news that get to my hands will be reported here. As you might have seen, I use WordPress for this purpose, as it’s easy to handle and to write news with.

You can, of course, register as a user and write news on your own. These are then sent to me for reviewing and can be published with a click on a button. Easy. Fast. You can also write comments to the news.

Thanks for your support!

Site goes offline

Due to different reasons (read: lack of time that prevents me to spend the time I should to keep the site up and running and free of security holes) I have decided to put the site down for an indefinte period of time. I might eventually put it online again somewhen later this year.
I might add news from time to time if there is anything going on with Eva.
In the meantime don’t hesitate to email me if you need any information regarding the website or if you have some news, and of course, enjoy Eva’s coming book scheduled for March. You can find more information about it on piratsforlaget.se
Judith info [@] dahlgren-attling.net

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