Eva Dahlgren releases 10 demos on Spotify

Eva Dahlgren has released a digital album exclusively on Spotify called “10 Demo” which contains demos of 10 of her songs from “Snö” and “Petroleum och tång”.

This is the tracklist of the digital album:

  1. Så härligt är jorden
  2. Varje dag
  3. Skuggorna faller över mig
  4. När jag såg dig *
  5. Syre och eld *
  6. Petroleum och tång *
  7. Det som var viktigt då *
  8. Det allra största ljuset *
  9. Vi säger ingenting *
  10. Det som bär mig nu

The songs marked with a * can only be heard if you have a Spotify Premium account. Spotify usually offers a 30-day free trial, so it might be time to try it out.


There is also a video of “Skuggorna faller över mig” on YouTube.

And a short video promoting the album

Eva Dahlgren to join Tomas Ledin on stage

Tomas Ledin will give a one hour concert in Skansen, Stockholm, next Juny 24th.

This concert will take place right after “Allsång på Skansen” show. Usually all the artists who participate in the “Allsång” show go on with the show for an hour. This time it will be only one artist who will entertain the audience. Tomas Ledin, who celebrates his 40 years as an artist, has participated in many Allsång in the past, this time the stage is his for one full hour.

But he won’t be alone. Tomas has invited a couple of Swedish artists to join him on stage on this special evening. And yes, Eva Dahlgren will be one of them. Eva and Tomas toured together back in 1992 with Rocktåget and they also participated in “Så mycket bättre” last year. Other artists to join Tomas on stage are E-Type and Timbuktu (who participated in the same Så mycket bättre as Eva and Tomas), Måns Zelmerlöw and Niklas Strömstedt.

Tomas’ show will be broadcast on SVT and starts at 21:00.

More information can be found on Tomas’ website.



Eva Dahlgren receives Evert Taube prize

Eva Dahlgren got the Evert Taube Prize yesterday in Orust, Sweden, from the Municipal Council Hans Pernevik and Orust Savings Bank director Birgitta Pettersson.

As a prize Eva got money, which she is going to use to buy a video camera which will be intensively used during her tour in autumn, and an art piece of glas in for of a speech bubble done by Helen Gibson.

Eva explained how Evert Taube’s music and text always were with her and that she is very proud and touched to have received the prize. She also explained that she had been in Orust before when she played at Ellös Folkets park.

You can find pictures of the event here.

Eva Dahlgren tour dates in Sweden and Norway announced

Finally, the dates for Eva Dahlgren’s coming tour in Sweden and Norway have been announced by Blixten, Eva’s tour promoters.  The tour looks like this so far together with the dates in Finland, which were announced earlier this week:

October 4th, Turku (Åbo – FI), Logomo
October 5th, Lahti (Lahtis – FI), Sibeliustalo (Sibeliushuset)
October 6th, Vaasa (Vasa – FI), Yrkesinstitutet
October 7th, Tampere (Tammerfors – FI), Tampere-talo (Tammerforshuset)
October 8th, Helsinki (Helsingfors – FI), Finlandia-talo (Finlandiahuset)
October 11th, Örebro, Conventum Kongress
October 12, Västerås, Konserthuset
October 13, Gävle, Konserthuset
October 17, Oslo (NO), Sentrum Scene
October 24, Jönköping, Konserthuset
October 25, Växjö, Växjö Konserthus
October 26, Kalmar, Kalmarsalen
October 27, Karlskrona, Konserthusteatern

November 1, Borås, Åhaga
November 2, Göteborg, Lisebergshallen
November 8, Linköping, Konsert & Kongress
November 10, Helsingborg, Konserthuset
November 11, Malmö, Malmö Konserthus
November 15, Luleå, Kulturens Hus
November 17, Östersund, Folkets Hus
November 18, Sundsvall, Tonhallen
November 19, Umeå, Idunteatern
November 23, Uppsala, Uppsala Konsert & Kongress
November 24, Karlstad, Karlstad CCC
November 25, Norrköping, Louis De Geerhallen
November 27, Stockholm, Cirkus

Tickets for the Swedish shows went on sale today via Ticnet.se (Malmö check here). According to Blixten, tickets for Borås and Helsingborg go on sale on Monday 7th.
No information about Norway is available yet.

For information about the Finnish shows please check the other article.

Update May 6th: tickets for Borås can be bought on Ticnet already.

Eva Dahlgren to tour Finland in October

The first dates of Eva Dahlgren’s tour have been announced. Eva will take her “Eva Dahlgren live 23 sånger” to Finland these days:

October 4th, Turku (Åbo), Logomo
October 5th, Lahti (Lahtis), Sibeliustalo (Sibeliushuset)
October 6th, Vaasa (Vasa), Yrkesinstitutet
October 7th, Tampere (Tammerfors), Tampere-talo (Tammerforshuset)
October 8th, Helsinki (Helsingfors), Finlandia-talo (Finlandiahuset)

Tickets go on sale on May 7th for all concerts except Lahti, tickets for this concert go on sale one day later via Lippupalvelu and Studioticket.

Minna contributed to this article.

Dates for Sweden will be announced soon too.

Eva Dahlgren guest at Samtidsterapi med Strömstedt och Berg

Eva Dahlgren was in the TV4 program “Samtidsterapi med Strömstedt & Berg” – which is actually a radio podcast and at the same time a TV programe on TV4 play, where Jenny Strömstedt and Carina Berg go through the latest news with a personal touch. It’s a 50 minute talk with Eva. Funny, interesting, must watch!


Eva Dahlgren to go on tour in Autumn

Eva Dahlgren visited Nyhetsmorgon (TV4) this Sunday morning. In the interview she talked about her monologue, since she starts a third mini-tour with it on Friday 23rd.
She also explained that she was in China last week with her wife and that she did some filming and revealed that she will go on tour in Autumn “and do some music again” and that she maybe tries to do something with her videos during the tour.

Stay tuned for updates on this!

You can see the whole interview here:

“Så mycket bättre” songs by Eva Dahlgren on Spotify

The songs which Eva performed during the second season of “Så mycket bättre” are now available on Spotify for all the countries. Here are the links. Enjoy!

Strö lite socker på mig
Mitt hjärtats fågel
This Is The Way
Standing In My Rain
Call On Me
Never Again

Eva Dahlgren at Så mycket bättre

Eva Dahlgren is one of the 7 artists who participates in the 2nd season of Swedish TV4 Så mycket bättre. You can watch the videos of the weekly program on TV4’s website (you might need Premium access to see some of them).
In addition, the songs are also available on Spotify (Sweden only).
And last but not least, the tracks can also be purchased on iTunes. Again, Sweden only, unfortunately.
According to CDON, a CD will be released on December 12, 2011 with some of the tracks performed by the artists. So far no tracklist is available, but as far as I could see last year’s CD didn’t contain all songs but only 2-3 per artist.

Update December 11: Eva has performed these songs. The last chapter of the season will be next Saturday, where the artists will perform various duets together.

Tomas Ledin’s day: Never Again
Timbuktu’s day: Socker (Strö lite söcker på mig) – she even recorded a video for this one


Lena Philipsson’s day: Standing In My Rain
E-Type’s day: This Is The Way
Laleh’s day: Call On Me
Mikael Wiehe’s day: Mitt hjärtas fågel

Interview with Eva Dahlgren about new album

Jan Gradvall interviewed Eva Dahlgren while she is in New York. Eva is currently mixing the songs for “Så mycket bättre” which will be on TV4 in Autumn and explains that afterwards she will “hopefully have a nice writing period” and talks about doing something with music again.
Eva also talks about the equipment she uses in her home studio and that she currently listens to Adele and Rihanna (!).

Eva Dahlgren website has been redesigned

Evadahlgren.com got a new style and some new sections.

On the website you will now find links to Eva’s videos (to Efva Attling jewels and glasses), pictures done by Eva (many of Efva Attling) as well as discography, information about her books and tour (when there is any, that is).

And a funny side note: the covers of some of the albums used on the discography are still the ones I scanned myself many years ago and are actually scans of MY LPs/CDs 😉

Tack för musiken with Eva Dahlgren on SVT this Saturday

Updated: if you missed the show, you can watch it here: http://svtplay.se/v/2514053/tack_for_musiken/del_2_av_6

Eva Dahlgren is going to appear in Niklas Strömstedt SVT show Tack för musiken this Saturday, August 27th at 20:45.
The show was recorded in Juni at Maximteater in Stockholm and each of the 6 chapters is dedicated to a different artist. The TV show had it’s premiere last week and was dedicated to Ola Salo. Other artists are Lars Winnerbäck, Annika Norlin, Orup and Pernilla Andersson.
During the show, the artist performs some of his/her hits with Niklas’ band and is interview by the host Niklas, who also invited some surprise guests who had some impact in the artist’s career or life.

Here you can see a teaser of the show dedicated to Eva:
Ängeln i rummet
Eva about discovering music

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