Efva Attling receives a medal from the King of Sweden for her entrepreneurship.

Efva Attling has been awarded with the Näringslivsmedaljen (Industry/business medal) by the Royal Patriotic Society (Kungliga Patriotika Sällskapet). Efva received the medal today from the Prince Carl Philip in a ceremony which took place in Riddarhuset, Stockholm (Sweden).

Efva has been awarded for her entrepreneurship and for founding her jewelry company Efva Attling Stockholm AB 12 years ago.

The other awarded with the same medal this year are: Lars Ander (Nya Wermlands-Tidningen AB), Lars Göran Blank (Jula AB, Skara), Anastasia Georgiadou (AB Svensk Personlig Assistans), Karl Hedin (Karl Hedin AB, Västanfors), Torsten Jansson (New Wave Group AB, Dingle), Laurent Leksell (Elekta AB, Stockholm), Jan-Erik Nilsson (Rederi AB Gotland, Visby), Marianne Ränk (Einar Mattsson AB, Stockholm), Jens och Ulf Spendrup (Spendrups Bryggeri AB, Vårby)

You can read an interview in following newspapers: E24.se, DagensPS.se, SvD

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