Eva Dahlgren at Så mycket bättre

Eva Dahlgren is one of the 7 artists who participates in the 2nd season of Swedish TV4 Så mycket bättre. You can watch the videos of the weekly program on TV4’s website (you might need Premium access to see some of them).
In addition, the songs are also available on Spotify (Sweden only).
And last but not least, the tracks can also be purchased on iTunes. Again, Sweden only, unfortunately.
According to CDON, a CD will be released on December 12, 2011 with some of the tracks performed by the artists. So far no tracklist is available, but as far as I could see last year’s CD didn’t contain all songs but only 2-3 per artist.

Update December 11: Eva has performed these songs. The last chapter of the season will be next Saturday, where the artists will perform various duets together.

Tomas Ledin’s day: Never Again
Timbuktu’s day: Socker (Strö lite söcker på mig) – she even recorded a video for this one


Lena Philipsson’s day: Standing In My Rain
E-Type’s day: This Is The Way
Laleh’s day: Call On Me
Mikael Wiehe’s day: Mitt hjärtas fågel

Tack för musiken with Eva Dahlgren on SVT this Saturday

Updated: if you missed the show, you can watch it here: http://svtplay.se/v/2514053/tack_for_musiken/del_2_av_6

Eva Dahlgren is going to appear in Niklas Strömstedt SVT show Tack för musiken this Saturday, August 27th at 20:45.
The show was recorded in Juni at Maximteater in Stockholm and each of the 6 chapters is dedicated to a different artist. The TV show had it’s premiere last week and was dedicated to Ola Salo. Other artists are Lars Winnerbäck, Annika Norlin, Orup and Pernilla Andersson.
During the show, the artist performs some of his/her hits with Niklas’ band and is interview by the host Niklas, who also invited some surprise guests who had some impact in the artist’s career or life.

Here you can see a teaser of the show dedicated to Eva:
Ängeln i rummet
Eva about discovering music

Rumour: Eva Dahlgren to participate in “Så mycket bättre”?

According to some Swedish newspapers, Eva Dahlgren is going to take part in the 2nd edition of TV4 programe “Så mycket bättre”.

Other artists are supposed to be Tomas Ledin, Timbuktu, Mikael Wiehe, Lena Philipsson and Laleh. This info hasn’t been confirmed by Eva’s management or TV4, so I take it as rumours so far.

The first season of “Så mycket bättre” run on TV4 last Autumn with stars such as Lasse Berghagen, Lill Babs or Thomas Di Leva. The 7 artists spent a week in a hotel in Sweden, each of the artists had a day dedicated to themselves where this artist had to organise activities for the other participating artists, and the other artists performed cover versions of the “artist-of-the-day” songs. The show consisted of 8 chapters which were aired between October and December 2010. Wikipedia has a full list of songs which were performed.

In addition, a compilation album including these cover songs was released after the season 1 was over.

Various articles about Eva Dahlgren

Here is a list of articles about Eva Dahlgren which have been published in the last weeks.

I personally found this very interesting both on Österundstidningar:

“Jag dansar helst till min frus kropp”

“Ängeln i rummet har alltid varit en annan del av mig, alltså den goda sidan av mig”

Expressen: “Jag har ett behov att vara omtyckt”

NSD: Review of monologue “Ingen är som jag” in Luleå.

Norrbottenskuriren: Review of monologue

Östersundstidningar: Review of monologue

GD.se announcing the monologue

Arbetarbladet review of monologue in Gävle.

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