New single, new album and tour

Eva Dahlgren (2)What a day! If you are fan of music and, of course, of Eva, you may know how exciting it is when news start dropping about new singles, albums or even tour. Sometimes it happens within a few days, sometimes all at once. Like today.

This morning Eva posted on Twitter a #nowplaying post – informing that she was playing a new song, Säg mitt namn, with a link to Spotify.

It soon became clear that Eva would be performing that song later today at the Grammis gala. You can see the performance here (around minute 27!) if you missed it or want to see it again. Eva also presents and gives the prize to Artist of the Year at the gala (around minute 102).

And just a couple of minutes ago Sony Music Sweden sent out a press release with the information that the new-long-awaited album “Jag sjunger ljuset” will be released on April 22nd, 2016. And if that wasn’t enough, Eva will give a few of concerts in “the North” too. One of them is on April 29th at Nobelberget in Stockholm. More concert dates will be announced soon!

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