Sticky: Eva Dahlgren’s tour has started in Finland! Collection of pictures and articles.

Eva Dahlgren kicked off the tour “Eva Dahlgren live 23 sånger” yesterday, October 4th, in Turku, Finland. The tour will take Eva and her band across Finland, Sweden and Norway in October and November. If you haven’t got tickets yet, it’s time to check this post out!

I will try to collect links to pictures and articles in this post.


Interview on ÖP

Interview from Gefle Dagblad – Gävle

Interview from Arbetarbladet

new – Information about the visuals / videos during the concert

new – Interview from

Concert reviews

Review of concert in Helsinki in HBL

Review from Expressen – Örebro (3/5)

Review from – Örebro  (4)

Review from Örebro – SVD

Review from Örebro – Aftonbladet (4/5) and pictures

Review from – Västerås – VLT

Review from Gävle – Gefle Dagblad (5)

Review from Gävle – Arbetarbladet (4)

new – Review from Borås

new – Review from Göteborg – GP (3)


Pictures of the rehearsals in Stockholm and soundcheck and premiere in Turku.

Maria Manelius pictures from Turku.

Pictures from Helsinki by Tiia Santavirta

Pictures from Örebro –

new – Pictures from Göteborg –

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